Publication: “Texts From A”, a new series on Frolic

So the first one of these went up over a week ago but I forgot that I should probably uh publish it here.

Well, hi!

I’m now a contributing writer on FrolicEvery other Friday, there will be a post from me talking about watching Pretty Little Liars for the first time. It’s possibly the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time, and so far people seem to agree it’s fun to read!

My second post will be going up on 2/8, and you can catch up with my post about the pilot here.

Publication: Huffington Post Opinion Piece

Hello friends!

An article was released this week called “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” and you’ve probably already seen it, because it’s been everywhere.

It’s a good article. There’s questions to be asked about why a thin man had to write it and why did it take a thin man saying things fat people have been saying forever to get people to listen, but I think it’s overall good.

There are also places, however, where the conversation needs to be pushed a little farther, and Huffington Post invited me to write about that in their Opinion section.

>>Click click, here it is<<

Awards Eligibility Post

Hello! I’ve got one whole story eligible for awards, which is the first time I’ve ever had such a thing. Here it is:

Crow’s Eye – a short story (under 7500 words) published by Fireside Fiction in June 2017

If you’re a person nominating things for things, you can consider me and this story that I think is pretty good.

Check Me Out (on Patreon)

Hi friends!

You may have noticed I don’t really use this site as a blog anymore. I do keep the writing page and various bits of contact info up to date, but blogging kind of stopped being my priority. I’ve been trying to focus on my writing and reading and working.

Although, the working thing…well.

Since I graduated, I’ve been working temp office jobs. They’ve gone for months at a time and kept me going.

My last one ended in December, and despite many, many applications and a decent amount of interviews, I haven’t been hired anywhere. Going on three months of unemployment has really sucked.

I’m tired of sitting around just doing applications and waiting and waiting to hear if I scored and interview, and then waiting to hear if that interview got me a job. So I’ve added something else to my life.


I don’t expect this to ever replace having a job for me, but I’m hoping it will help throw a little extra cash my way while I’m doing the job hunt. I’ve already got a few generous patrons signed up.

You can start supporting me for as little as $1 a month. For that $1, you’ll get a monthly update on my writing, job hunt, life, and an exclusive cat picture.


These cats.

Bump that up to $2, and you get the monthly update, cat picture, AND a rant about something I find interesting or one of my infamous bad dating stories.

At $3, you start getting exclusive fiction. At $5, exclusive essays. All this, every month.

If you feel really fancy, you can go for upper-tier rewards like personalized tarot readings or a personalized poem.

There’s a lot of options, many ways to support me, and many ways to get original and exclusive content from me, every month.

Another great way to support me is just so share my Patreon! If there’s someone you think might be into it, send a link their way.

Thank you so much for subscribing to this blog and being so awesome. I’ll continue to post updates here when I get things published, but otherwise, please go join me on Twitter or Patreon if you want to be sure to see more of me.


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