Publication: “It’s in the Yard” on the NoSleep Podcast

Hello, friends! I’m super excited because this weekend my story “It’s in the Yard” was produced for the NoSleep Podcast. NoSleep is one of my favorite podcasts, the kind where I buy every season pass and as soon as I get an episode notification I’ll often drop whatever I’m doing to listen. It’s so coolContinue reading “Publication: “It’s in the Yard” on the NoSleep Podcast”

Publication: “Crow’s Eye” in Fireside Fiction

Hi friends! Guess who has a short story you can read right now on the internet and guess who is really proud of this story because it’s her first short story sale and also it’s pretty good? And also because it’s ILLUSTRATED by the amazing Galen Dara? It’s me. The story is “Crow’s Eye” andContinue reading “Publication: “Crow’s Eye” in Fireside Fiction”