Publication: The (Other) F Word, and more on Frolic!

Hello friends! This news is a couple months old at the moment, but I still wanted to get it posted here! I’m going to be in THE (OTHER) F WORD: A CELEBRATION OF THE FAT & FIERCE, an amazing anthology edited by Angie Manfredi! I wrote a letter to my younger writer-self encouraging her toContinue reading “Publication: The (Other) F Word, and more on Frolic!”

Publication: “Texts From A”, a new series on Frolic

So the first one of these went up over a week ago but I forgot that I should probably uh publish it here. Well, hi! I’m now a contributing writer on Frolic. Every other Friday, there will be a post from me talking about watching Pretty Little Liars for the first time. It’s possibly the most fun I’veContinue reading “Publication: “Texts From A”, a new series on Frolic”

Publication: Huffington Post Opinion Piece

Hello friends! An article was released this week called “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” and you’ve probably already seen it, because it’s been everywhere. It’s a good article. There’s questions to be asked about why a thin man had to write it and why did it take a thin man saying things fatContinue reading “Publication: Huffington Post Opinion Piece”

Publication: “Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck” in Apex Magazine

It occurs to me that I never actually posted on this blog about getting a poem published in Apex in October, which is ridiculous given that I’ve been trying to get published in Apex for like two years and NOW IT’S HAPPENED. Though I never expected it to be a poem. Poetry is not myContinue reading “Publication: “Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck” in Apex Magazine”

Cool Thing Roundup: TEDx, Publications, and Midwest Writers

I kind of thought that after I graduated, the writing and reading slumps I’d been in would magically dissolve. I’d have loads of free time since I was taking a break before the big job search. I wouldn’t have classes or homework to exhaust my energy before I could get around to writing or pleasureContinue reading “Cool Thing Roundup: TEDx, Publications, and Midwest Writers”