Publication: The (Other) F Word, and more on Frolic!

Hello friends! This news is a couple months old at the moment, but I still wanted to get it posted here!

I’m going to be in THE (OTHER) F WORD: A CELEBRATION OF THE FAT & FIERCE, an amazing anthology edited by Angie Manfredi! I wrote a letter to my younger writer-self encouraging her to write fat characters instead of feeling stuck in the same slim fantasy heroine trap that I spent much of my young writing life in.

I’m so honored to be in an anthology with such an amazing line-up of contributors, and I can’t wait for you to get to read it! The anthology hits shelves on 9/24/19 but you can pre-order it now!

My other writing news is that along with my continuing Pretty Little Liars reaction series, “Texts From A”, I also wrote “Bang of Thrones”, a Game of Thrones final season romantic relationship recap series for Frolic! (Handy links to all of them: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6])

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can maybe imagine what it was like to write a recap series for that, uh, interesting final season at all, much less one focused 100% on the romance.

(Which is to say: a lot of fun but also not easy! They didn’t want us to feel any joy at all!)

That’s all I have for you right now! As always, you’ll see most up-to-the-minute updates on my Twitter, and if you want more of my writing, may I suggest my Patreon?

Publication: “Texts From A”, a new series on Frolic

So the first one of these went up over a week ago but I forgot that I should probably uh publish it here.

Well, hi!

I’m now a contributing writer on FrolicEvery other Friday, there will be a post from me talking about watching Pretty Little Liars for the first time. It’s possibly the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time, and so far people seem to agree it’s fun to read!

My second post will be going up on 2/8, and you can catch up with my post about the pilot here.

Publication: Huffington Post Opinion Piece

Hello friends!

An article was released this week called “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” and you’ve probably already seen it, because it’s been everywhere.

It’s a good article. There’s questions to be asked about why a thin man had to write it and why did it take a thin man saying things fat people have been saying forever to get people to listen, but I think it’s overall good.

There are also places, however, where the conversation needs to be pushed a little farther, and Huffington Post invited me to write about that in their Opinion section.

>>Click click, here it is<<

Publication: “Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck” in Apex Magazine

It occurs to me that I never actually posted on this blog about getting a poem published in Apex in October, which is ridiculous given that I’ve been trying to get published in Apex for like two years and NOW IT’S HAPPENED.


Though I never expected it to be a poem. Poetry is not my usual thing but god I’m really proud of this one. SO YES, you can go read “Hello, Wild Things, and Good Luck” and be happy.

Cool Thing Roundup: TEDx, Publications, and Midwest Writers

I kind of thought that after I graduated, the writing and reading slumps I’d been in would magically dissolve. I’d have loads of free time since I was taking a break before the big job search. I wouldn’t have classes or homework to exhaust my energy before I could get around to writing or pleasure reading. The summer was gonna be magic.

Well. Uhm. Yeah. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

I’ve been feeling pretty shitty about this, to be honest, like I’m defective and I should be ashamed that I’ve only read four books this month and that my word totals leave something to be desired.

Weird how shaming myself into a spiral doesn’t help my productivity much.

This week, I realized that the past few months I’ve been apart of several really cool things that I didn’t celebrate on the blog. Right now, I kind of need a confidence boost, so allow me to be just super, super self-indulgent and tell you about all this cool stuff.



I got a really cool chance to speak at a TEDx talk at my school. It’s actually a reading of my “Fat Revolution” essay – a version of which I’ve posted before. This one is revised and, in my opinion, way improved. Here’s the video:

Side B Magazine: Attacking Our Assault

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Side B Magazine did a special online issue. I was asked to contribute, and they published my short essay, “Not the Men You Know”. One of my best friends, Brittany Means, is also in the issue, and quite frankly her talent consistently blows me away.

It is probably self-evident but I’m still gonna say that reading our essays and the other essays in the issue comes with a pretty hefty trigger warning on sexual assault and abuse.

You Are Here: Finding Yourself in Middletown

My last semester at Ball State, I had the great luck of taking the first English senior seminar taught by a creative writing professor – the wonderful Cathy Day. The class was based around how to do research while writing fiction.

Ball State is in Muncie, Indiana, which was the basis for the Middletown study in the 1920s. Using research from the original study, subsequent studies, and dozens of other sources, my classmates and I created our own version of Middletown and wrote a linked short story collection set there.

The collection is called You Are Here: Finding Yourself in Middletown can read it here. My story is the last in the collection, titled “Between the Beams”.

Stomping Ground

indexAlong with working on You Are Here, I was also taking a class called Creative Writing in the Community with Lyn Jones, who is possibly the most organized professor I’ve ever had and makes impossible projects (like putting together a book in a few weeks) totally possible.

In this class, Ball State English students get together with elementary school kids in the Muncie and surrounding communities and write. I worked with two amazing sixth grade girls, Sara and Marisa.

At the end of the semester, we sorted through the mass of material we’d gathered from these kids and put together a book.

You can buy Stomping Ground on Amazon, and perhaps I am biased but you should seriously consider doing so. The range of talent and emotion and depth presented by these kids was stunning. I was incredibly lucky to work with them and proud of the book we produced.


Last but DEFINITELY not least is the fact that I will be interning at the Midwest Writers Workshop for the THIRD TIME (read about my first two years here and here) as an agent assistant.

Oh, and this time, I’m also the lead intern. They actually just made me in charge of these people.

tumblr_miadpnO4iR1rgz9z1o1_500Okay, it really will be fine. The other interns are amazing, smart people and I’m only one of two interns who even has two years of experience to back me up. (This is me convincing myself that I’ve got it.)

I think that’s all I’ve got for the cool things round up, although if my calculations are correct there should be another publication post coming up in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime – I love all of you, you’re beautiful, and here’s a truly amazing reminder that my dear friend Katy made for me: