May Awesomeness

kawaii slothOh my god it’s June do not ask me about how writing went in May let’s just look at awesome stuff instead.

Like this waterproof planetarium.

Or this gender-swapped Lord of the Rings casting.

The best wedding picture ever.

So, what kind of Asian are you?

And these easy and creepy-awesome Halloween costumes.

Watch this video, and then watch the rest of their videos. Fall down a YouTube whole of absurd hilarity.

Speaking of YouTube, this guy reenacting conversations with his toddler went viral, but just in case you haven’t seen it…

Now check out the awesome photographs this mother took for her daughter’s fifth birthday.

And let’s wrap it up with this cow FANCY AND MAJESTIC AS HELL*

What sort of awesome things did you find this May?

*My friendly neighborhood farmer, the Earthman John Carter, informed me that this is a cow that’s been fluffed up for show, rather than a specific breed of cow. Still fancy. Still majestic.

April Awesomeness

Slothtastic blasphemy!

Slothtastic blasphemy!

Oh man, it’s already May? You know what that means. April Awesomeness. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally need this awesome to distract from how godawful my word count was in April. Also, you know. Finals. That’s a thing that’s happening.

Let’s procrastinate together. Awesomely.

This spinning seal is chill as fuck.

Shark-cat on Roomba chases duckling, because reasons.



Disney photography using people of size and color!?

Face it: Little girls are better at designing superhero costumes than you.

As my boyfriend said, “This is the kind of bitterness that can only happen if you have a cat that you love.”

Is this a corgi scared of its own reflection? Yes. Yes it is.

A father dances with his princess.

Last but far, far from least: Misha Collins and John Barrowman tango into our hearts.

Hit up the comments with your April awesomeness, whatever it may be. I will hopefully be back on your computer screens next week with Tuesday Reads. This summer, you may even see me in video.

March Awesomeness

titanic slothI wrote 6145 words in March. Man, I need to step it up. How about I start by giving you links to ten awesome things I found while obviously not writing in March? (In my defense, I totally read 15 books in March.)

This baby goat that seems to have a butt filled with helium.

This Tumblr dedicated to diversity in YA fiction.

This adorable Cthulhu.

This Lord of the Rings pun.

This hashtag fighting rape culture.

This adorable hippo before it becomes a vicious territorial killer hello I am Sarah and I am scared of hippos but man this is cute.

This totally accurate comic about what it’s like to be a writer of genre fiction.

This little girl’s awesome discovery.

This knitted knitting octopus.

This brilliant pizza box witchcraft.

Oh, and as a bonus, my gorgeous nephew turned one on March 28th.

What about you guys? Anything awesome happen in March? Did you write more than I did? Hit up the comments below.

February Awesomeness

slotherinIt’s March 1st, so that means it’s time for some February Awesomeness. First off, I’d like to note that I wrote 9504 words in January and 8758 words in February. I think that’s pretty okay. In March, I’ll shoot for awesome.

Now how about ten doses of awesome?

This DIY wall light.

This poem.

This custom pulp magazine cover generator.

This piece of advice.

This biodegradable urn that turns you into a tree when you die.

This cosplayer.

This winter hat.

This coloring book.

These goats.

This cat.

Hit up the comments to tell me about some other awesome stuff! See you next Tuesday with the glorious return of Tuesday Reads.

(Oh, and don’t forget to apply or donate to Alpha ;D)

January Awesomeness

awesome slothHere’s a thing I’m going to start doing. On the first of every month, I’m going to make a post much like this one wherein I give you ten links to some awesome stuff I found in the month before. These won’t all be things that were created in that month, just stuff I found in that month. Get it? Good. Here we go, in no particular order, your January dose of awesome.

This dude with a bear cub on the beach.

This comic.

This bittersweet note to self.

This constant stream of six-second videos from around the world.

This empowering video from Disney.

This art project with a message about slut shaming.

This bird singing dubstep.

These seventeen quick pages of sex ed that probably has something you don’t know about your own body.

This post on how to date a fat girl.

These awesome resolutions.

So, what did I miss? Hit the comments below!