Book Reviews

Readers: Have a book you think I should review in Tuesday Reads? Email me, tweet me, hit up the comments on any Tuesday Reads post.

Authors: I do accept review requests. I read mainly YA, fantasy, science fiction, and horror, but I’m willing to read just about anything interesting. I particularly appreciate diverse, feminist books. I can take physical copies, PDFs, and Kindle books. Email me at with your request, get the book to me, and I’ll put it in my queue.

My only disclaimer is that my reviews are always honest and based on personal opinion. I will never be mean or hateful in my reviews, but I also won’t pretend to like a book when I don’t, and I will point out any glaring social justice issues such as sexism, racism, or fat-shaming.

Book Review Quick Reference

Links to all of my reviews, categorized by rating.

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