Fat Revolution

I’ve struggled for most of my life with my weight – for awhile with trying to lose weight, with thinking that I had to lose weight, and eventually with learning to love my body as it is, however it is. This journey hasn’t been helped by all of the hate and abuse that I – and most fat people – get thrown my way. I get nasty messages. People retweet my selfies to mock my weight. It’s nearly impossible to find awesome fat YA characters, and people question whether it’s appropriate to include fat characters in books for kids.

This is one of my many attempts to fight back.I’ve had this piece kicking around for months, waiting and waiting to be read. I finally got that chance at the Ball State Writers’ Community’s first reading, and a friend was kind enough to record it.

I’m indecently proud of this reading, so if you like it, please share it.

Content warning for extensive talk about fat oppression/stigma/abuse, and for mentions of rape and rape culture.

7 thoughts on “Fat Revolution

  1. Thank you so much Sarah. What strenght it must take to just walk in public space in this crazy society. I am full of respect for you. Everybody is a subject of this fatbashing in the way that everybody is told that beeing fat is the worst thing, making you worthless as a human beeing. But you are not worthless and neither is anyone trans, fat, black, muslim, female, disabled or gay or whatever.
    Keep up the good fight.
    Love, Michala, all the way from Denmark.

  2. Wow- thank you for being able to express those feeling. As a fat guy myself- I have similar thoughts but never really have the courage to do what you do. You are amazing.

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