Make Storyland Better

make it workIt’s time for Adventures in Storyland to take the next step. Sometime in the next couple weeks you’ll be seeing a new layout and changes to the theme. But I also need the help of my readers. I need to know what you want out of a blog.

I most regularly post Tuesday Reads, and that’s not about to stop – I’m hoping, in fact, to make it an every-week occurrence as opposed to an every-couple-of-weeks. I’m going in search of interviews and guest posts, and, with some luck, I’ll have book giveaways happening in the next couple months.

So here’s my question for you: What else would you like to see? Vlogs? More posts about writing? Posts about something else? Would you be interested in seeing some of my original stories?

I want to make a blog that’s interesting and fun to read, that will keep you coming back. Hit up the comments and let me know what you think I can do to make that happen – and thank you, as ever, for reading.

2 thoughts on “Make Storyland Better

  1. would love some of your work..even snippets would be welcomed…maybe a little of how your story came into being if that is possible to share…love ya!

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