May Awesomeness

kawaii slothOh my god it’s June do not ask me about how writing went in May let’s just look at awesome stuff instead.

Like this waterproof planetarium.

Or this gender-swapped Lord of the Rings casting.

The best wedding picture ever.

So, what kind of Asian are you?

And these easy and creepy-awesome Halloween costumes.

Watch this video, and then watch the rest of their videos. Fall down a YouTube whole of absurd hilarity.

Speaking of YouTube, this guy reenacting conversations with his toddler went viral, but just in case you haven’t seen it…

Now check out the awesome photographs this mother took for her daughter’s fifth birthday.

And let’s wrap it up with this cow FANCY AND MAJESTIC AS HELL*

What sort of awesome things did you find this May?

*My friendly neighborhood farmer, the Earthman John Carter, informed me that this is a cow that’s been fluffed up for show, rather than a specific breed of cow. Still fancy. Still majestic.

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