Short Story Month

A short story is like a short sloth: Fucking awesome.
A short story is like a short sloth: Fucking awesome.c

Now that school is over and I’m getting used to my new job, I can dive back into blogging and writing. Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a rut, too. What better to get us all back on the writing wagon than a month-long writing challenge?

You know about NaNoWriMo, right? 50,000 words in 30 days. It’s difficult and exhilarating and if you even think it might be your type of thing, you should try it. But that’s not until November (barring Camp NaNoWriMo), so what do you do if you just have a lot of trouble writing without those pre-set goals? Or maybe you just aren’t so great in the novel format.

I have some pretty cool news for you. Turns out, May is Short Story Month, sponsored by Story A Day. The idea is to write a short story every day in May. Honestly, that kind of makes me squeak in terror – oh god EVERY DAY? – but it also sounds amazing. It’s not about writing and polishing and editing a story every day, it’s about just writing it. Get that story out there. As someone who sometimes thinks way, way too much during first drafts, this is the kind of kick I enjoy.

I know it’s already May 10th, but that’s no reason not to get in there! Go check out their daily writing prompts to get yourself going. Or if you’re more of a short story reader, go check out their recommendations. Get to know the short story a little better.

What do you guys think? Are you gonna give it a go? I think I am.

7 thoughts on “Short Story Month

    1. Oh my god yes. SLOTH FRIENDS FOREVER.

      Currently first-draft over-thinking right now, and it’s a story I need to have done and decently edited for next Sunday. Ooops.

  1. So awesome! Thanks for the links. I’m truly a short form writer, so May as short story month is totally for me (besides being the month of my birthday, which is also awesome).

    1. There are way too many awesome people born in May! It’s making me dizzy. From, you know, the awesome.

      I’m also really more of a short form writer. I want to write novels, and you can bet I’m working on it, but short stories come way more naturally to me. They’re just freaking awesome.

  2. About two years ago, my friend Sherrie used to draft 750-word stories, one a day for about a month or so. This was in February I think. By the time summer rolled around, she had this enormous pile of drafts to work with. There was never a day in which she had to face a blank page. She ended up publishing many of those stories and then collected them into a chapbook.

  3. This is terrifying. Cool, but terrifying. I think I would literally be incapable of churning out a draft a day, in part because a) I’m not a short story person, so I have to work REALLY hard at it, and b) even my short stories are usually so ungodly long that they’re almost novellas. I do, however, plan to pick up some of my past drafts this summer and gussy them up. If you try this, good luck, Sarah!

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