April Awesomeness

Slothtastic blasphemy!
Slothtastic blasphemy!

Oh man, it’s already May? You know what that means. April Awesomeness. I don’t know about you guys, but I totally need this awesome to distract from how godawful my word count was in April. Also, you know. Finals. That’s a thing that’s happening.

Let’s procrastinate together. Awesomely.

This spinning seal is chill as fuck.

Shark-cat on Roomba chases duckling, because reasons.



Disney photography using people of size and color!?

Face it: Little girls are better at designing superhero costumes than you.

As my boyfriend said, “This is the kind of bitterness that can only happen if you have a cat that you love.”

Is this a corgi scared of its own reflection? Yes. Yes it is.

A father dances with his princess.

Last but far, far from least: Misha Collins and John Barrowman tango into our hearts.

Hit up the comments with your April awesomeness, whatever it may be. I will hopefully be back on your computer screens next week with Tuesday Reads. This summer, you may even see me in video.

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