March Awesomeness

titanic slothI wrote 6145 words in March. Man, I need to step it up. How about I start by giving you links to ten awesome things I found while obviously not writing in March? (In my defense, I totally read 15 books in March.)

This baby goat that seems to have a butt filled with helium.

This Tumblr dedicated to diversity in YA fiction.

This adorable Cthulhu.

This Lord of the Rings pun.

This hashtag fighting rape culture.

This adorable hippo before it becomes a vicious territorial killer hello I am Sarah and I am scared of hippos but man this is cute.

This totally accurate comic about what it’s like to be a writer of genre fiction.

This little girl’s awesome discovery.

This knitted knitting octopus.

This brilliant pizza box witchcraft.

Oh, and as a bonus, my gorgeous nephew turned one on March 28th.

What about you guys? Anything awesome happen in March? Did you write more than I did? Hit up the comments below.

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