The World War Z Movie Isn’t All Bad

Come into the zombie world. Shhh, just let it happen.

Come into the zombie world. Shhh, just let it happen.

Want to know a not-so-secret secret?

World War Z by Max Brooks is one of my favorite books.

Like, ever.

I’ve read it three times. I have many of the stories memorized, in a paraphrased sort of way. After reading I always get the uncomfortable feeling that the zombie uprising has already started and I just don’t know yet because I’ve been busy with a fictional version.

It shouldn’t surprise you that when I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie, I was upset. I’m not someone who complains about small differences in movie adaptations from books. I think I’m pretty good at understanding that movies are a different format from books, and in most cases, changes are necessary. I admit that I really wondered how Hollywood was going to tackle the difficult task of bringing World War Z to life.

They seem to have chosen to not so much bring the book to life as they decided to take the title and the idea of a zombie outbreak, throw in some Brad Pitt and CGI, and run with it.

I can complain about that for just about forever, but today I’m happy about the movie. The movie is bringing us something beautiful. I’m okay with not getting my World War Z movie, because I’m getting the full audio book. Finally.

An abridged audio book came out in 2007. The stories are read by actors and oh god you will get chills. I made the mistake of listening to it at night. Don’t do that. Learn from my mistakes. Only problem was, it was missing some of my favorite stories. What about the decimated Russian soldiers? Or the woman whose mental growth stopped as a young child after witnessing a grisly zombie attack on a church? I wanted more.

Now they’re giving us more, and we have the movie to thank. What better time to put out new product than when the movie is coming out? We get over five hours of material that was missing from the original audio book. It’s called World War Z: The Complete Edition, but the Amazon page also says it’s abridged so I don’t know how complete it actually is. I’m just happy to get more, especially when the cast includes the flawless Nathan Fillion.

The audio book is up for pre-order now and will be released May 14th. At least something good is coming out of what looks to be a god-awful movie.

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