TW: Trigger Warnings

Sloths also appreciate trigger warnings.
Sloths also appreciate trigger warnings.

I’m going to have posts in the future that get into some pretty heavy stuff – stuff you may not want to read about. There’s a solution, though, and that’s the trigger warning. If a post contains a commonly triggering topic, or one that I think could be triggering, I’ll warn you in big bold letters and you can choose to walk away.

Because that’s what trigger warnings are about. They get made fun of sometimes, particularly in regards to people who warn against every possible trigger. Triggered by cats? Okay, here’s a warning. Marshmallows? Warning there, too. Sometimes people want trigger warnings for things that just make them sort of uncomfortable. When the warnings get overloaded like that and people start asking for more and more, it starts to seem like censoring.

Trigger warnings are not about censoring, at least, not to me. They are not about telling bloggers what they can and can’t post about just because some things might bother certain parts of their audience. Trigger warnings are just that – warnings.

I am going to talk about rape and self-harm and suicide and body shaming. These are things that can really screw with someone who isn’t prepared to read about them. Even mentions of cutting can make my desire to self-harm flare up. I know it’s not good for me to read posts about self-harm, because of the reactions I have to that topic. This makes me really appreciative of trigger warnings. Get it?

I can’t make you put trigger warnings on your posts. I know that it seems like a slippery slope to start on and oh god where do the warnings stop? What do you warn against, what do you ignore? People have triggers that you can’t predict. It would be easy to get paranoid and warn for absolutely everything. That’s up to you.

As a blogger, I can promise you that I will be posting trigger warnings for the difficult topics I’ll be discussing, especially if it’s not obvious in the post title. After that, it’s up to you to make the choice.

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