January Awesomeness

awesome slothHere’s a thing I’m going to start doing. On the first of every month, I’m going to make a post much like this one wherein I give you ten links to some awesome stuff I found in the month before. These won’t all be things that were created in that month, just stuff I found in that month. Get it? Good. Here we go, in no particular order, your January dose of awesome.

This dude with a bear cub on the beach.

This comic.

This bittersweet note to self.

This constant stream of six-second videos from around the world.

This empowering video from Disney.

This art project with a message about slut shaming.

This bird singing dubstep.

These seventeen quick pages of sex ed that probably has something you don’t know about your own body.

This post on how to date a fat girl.

These awesome resolutions.

So, what did I miss? Hit the comments below!

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