Lazy Blogger

ImageFirst, some general business.

I haven’t done Just One Thing in a couple weeks. It’s sort of on hiatus until I figure out whether or not I really want it on the blog.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to post about more than writing and book reviews. It’s very important to me to educate people on topics such as body positivity, sex positivity, rape awareness, and suicide awareness. Every blog post that has those more difficult topics will have trigger warnings, so if you’d rather not read about it, you have the choice.

But what do I talk about today? Well, I really have no clue. I have this huge list of ideas for blog posts and it’s actually making me feel overwhelmed. Where the hell do I start? I stare at my list and think, “No, that’s too serious, no, that’s too silly, no, I should talk about that when I have more readers.”

Fellow bloggers, what do you do on days like this? Do you make yourself blog, do you skip a day, do you close your eyes and pick a topic at random?

Well, if I’m not going to blog, I guess I’d better do homework.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Blogger

  1. Well, my beautiful Granddaughter, since I don’t blog I cannot comment on one…however, I do know this about creative efforts…I have more flow, more word, form wonder when I stop thinking…bypass my brain and feel into the space!!! Here you are free of all shoulds and what ifs and simply be,,,BE in awareness and all the talent you are, then becomes…
    The other day I was painting a mural and appreciating the paint, brush and wall…feeling like we were cooperating in this effort, when suddenly, I WAS the paint, the brush the wall and they were me…oneness, bliss and when that passed, I was saddened that it didn’t maintain itsself and I was just me again. I am convinced that some day, some where we can live in that space of oneness…

  2. I added a page on my blog called “What is this?” explaining the various topics I plan to discuss. I decided that because I’m not always in the mood to blog about literature, I should be able to blog about anything that will get me writing for the day. This way I can keep my options open and I am hoping that by using the categories option, readers who are only following for one type of post will still enjoy reading because it will be so easy to navigate.

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