Writing Check-In 1/2/13

SLOTHWITHCARROTAwhile ago, I started doing this thing on my Tumblr called 500 Words a Day, where I tried to write 500 words every day and to keep myself accountable, I’d post on Tumblr how many words I’d written that day. I’m still trying to do it, but my writing groove has been off and even when it’s on I forget to post about it.

I’m adding an extra step of accountability here, and when better to start than now, at the dawn of a new year? Every Wednesday, I’ll post my totals for the last week of writing starting with the previous Wednesday. For example, this week’s check-in is as follows:

W 12/26: 622

Th 12/27: 393

F 12/28: 497

Sa 12/19: 156

Su 12/30: 501

M 12/31: 443

T 1/1: 270

Week Total: 2882 words

My data will be kept track of by that handy WordTyrant app I talked about in my Apps for Writers post. I’m going to continue to try for 500 words a day, if not more, but more importantly I’m just aiming to write every day and get myself into a routine.

Another note: For these totals, I’m only including what I write in the realm of storytelling (be it fiction, creative nonfiction, etc.). I will not include the words from my blog posts.

If you’re keeping tabs, I’m starting to actually have something that looks like a regular schedule for this blog. Just One Thing on Sundays, a writing post on Mondays, Tuesday Reads, and now the check-ins on Wednesday. It’s almost like I’m becoming a real blog, huh?

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